These are the thoughts of a 33-year-old single girl living in Nashville, TN.  In the ten years since I’ve graduated college, I’ve had five different “careers”, several failed dating relationships, many fabulous friendships, and more ups and downs (though, I like to think many more ups!) than I know what to do with.

Things I love:  spending money (too much), eating (too much), drinking wine/beer/vodka drinks (too many) on a patio, party planning and partying, traveling, seafood, writing , the beach, running errands (yes really), cleaning (yes REALLY), dogs and cats (especially my own sweet Stray Kitty), watching/reading Chelsea Handler, GLEE!, laughing, talking.  I talk loud.  And fast.  And a lot.

I don’t love:  People that aren’t fun and/or have no sense of humor, when people want to go to movies on sunny days, brussels sprouts and asparagus, news magazines (boring), local news shows (ridiculous), Spencer and Heidi, spiders, and tequila.

I’m a personal assistant.  I also like to organize things–closets, cabinets, shoe racks, storage places, anything.  Yes that makes me weird I know.  I love to eat out but hate working out.  This presents a problem since I also like to wear cute clothes and bathing suits.  I could watch HGTV all the live long day, but my house has looked the same for about 10 years.  Guess I’m gun-shy when it comes to decorating change.

I started this blog in March of 2006 when I was bored at “career” #2, and love that I still have a few friends that encourage me to write it.  Thanks guys!  I love Nashville, and though I was only going to stay two years and then always planned on moving “next year”, I’m proud to call it home.


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