Summer Sabbatical

Let me just clarify one thing here–I did not move away from Nashville!  Not permanently anyway…just for a few months.  This is my “summer sabbatical” as I’m dubbing it.  Am I in college, you ask?  No.  I’m 34 and well out of school.  Did I move back to my hometown for a job?  Well, no.  But I do have to find one.  Quickly.  So, why the hell did I quit (for the second time in my life I might add) a perfectly good job to do…nothing?  I don’t really know.  Timing was right?  Yeah?  Good answer?!

With a good friend subletting my place in Nashville for a few months, I’m hanging out in my beachy hometown of Pensacola, Florida…living with my parents…and (hopefully) working a temp job on the beach.

My first official morning here, I woke up today with an initial “what the EFF am I DOING?” thought going through my mind.  That lasted all of about an hour–after which my toes were in the soft white sand and my eyes were on the crystal blue water.  No regrets!

I’m hoping to chronicle this “sabbatical” of mine through this blog, if for no other reason than to sort things out for myself.  And my adventurous, busy-bee parents always provide entertaining fodder so you never know, you might get a laugh out of it too.  More later, but just so you know I’ve been here a day and have already been assigned to garden duty–on Mom’s THIRTY-THREE tomato plants.  Yes I said thirty-three.  By the way, my parents live in an 80’s ranch house neighborhood, NOT on a 25-acre farm.  Again, more later.

So until then…right now, I’m pouring a glass of wine and turning on Sex and the City.  Seems life here isn’t so different yet than life in Nashville!


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