The Minivan Diaries: Day 1

I’m headed West.  In a minivan.  Brief background: my sister, her husband, and their 2 kids (who are 3 and 1) drove from Denver, CO to visit our family in Florida, Alabama and Georgia.  After a week, Husband had to leave and go back to work.  I was recruited to make the drive back with Sister and the kids.  I figured, while I generally can’t stand road trips longer than 7 hours, and that don’t end with white sands and crystal waters, this would be a great chance to spend more time with family I don’t see often.  And, my niece and nephew are REALLY freakin’ cute.  And, after we get them safely home, I get to visit one of my best friends who also lives in CO.  YAY!

So I’m blogging the trip, more to help me remember it than anything.

Day 1:

Left Nashville.  First pit stop, Metropolis, IL.  Oh and I should mention–not only do my sister and I differ in that she loves a road trip while I generally do not, but she also loves a rest area…think the kids are the main reason for that (so she claims), but I usually avoid them at all costs.  So, I may see every rest area between Nashville and Denver.  Exciting.  Glad I stocked up on Purell before I left.  Anyway, Metropolis…home of Superman.  I should’ve bought a shirt at the gas station that we also visited.  Couldn’t get the nephew to pose with the probably-built-in-1972 wooden Superman cutout.  I don’t really blame him actually.

Second stop–Fairview Heights, IL.  Arby’s.  Dinner.  I don’t think Fairview Heights is known for anything other than being a random strip mall city on the outskirts of St. Louis.

Third and final stop for day 1–St. Louis.  West side of town.  I did see the arch though.  I’ve actually been in it before, on some high school trip, and would not do it again.  Tiny, slow, old elevator.  Enough said.

Tomorrow’s adventure, Kansas.  Hoping we don’t run into what Kansas is famous for–tornadoes.

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