Ahhhh…back to nice hair products!

Reading over my last post of January 2009 (wow–over a year ago?  What have I been DOING?!) I realize I’ve come a long way.  Well, I’ve circled back anyway.  In a half-circle.  I’m making money, but I’m not miserable!  To recap the past 2 years in a few sentences:

I left my well-paying job in April 2008 because, well, it just wasn’t working.  For me or for them (left on good terms I must add; still friends with the old boss!).  Took a part-time writing job which I loved.  Fell into personal assistant work by word of mouth.  Worked for up to six different clients at one time.  Found my calling, and made such good friends in all of my clients (very blessed!).  And, drumroll please…

Got hired on full-time by one of my clients!  To work from home (mainly)!  With regular salary and benefits and everything!!!  Dream come true?  Sounds like it, huh?!  So, in December of 2009, after almost a year and a half of “roughing it” (scrounging for every penny but loving every minute of it) I left all my other clients and part-time work, and here I am.

I’ve heard so many “you’re so lucky”s and “wow I wish I could do that”.  I really do love the work.  Errands, scheduling, organizing, event planning, interacting with people (mainly over the phone), and even some minor PR/marketing work.  I am lucky.  But not surprised this is where I landed.  I just knew it would happen.  And it did.  AND I just know bigger and better things will happen too from here on out.  I love my job, I have a great “boss”, and I know that this is just the beginning.

And one of the best things that’s come out of this?  I can buy my NICE shampoo again!  And make-up!  And socialize with friends without feeling guilty of money I’m spending!  All the while, paying my bills.  Life IS good.

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  1. Bee says:

    Yay! The Bean Poll is back!!

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