The Bean on the Job Scene: Cheap Hair Products and the Unemployed

Today I had to buy shampoo from Walgreens.  The drugstore.  AAAAAHHHH.  For the past, oh, 15 years I have been obsessed with fancy schmancy hair products.  I mean, it could have been anything from Paul Mitchell (yes in high school, this was kind of fancy) to Fekkai to Pureology to Kerastase…the list goes on.  Anyway, a few months ago I finally ran out of my shampoo so I decided to buy cheap from Target.  Well, to my delight, Target now carries Bumble and Bumble!  YAY!  So yeah, back in November when I might have mentioned that I had to buy shampoo from Target (and I LOVE Target for everything else–don’t get me wrong) it actually was B&B…

Cut to today when I’m officially out of B&B Gentle again.  I really had to bite the bullet and step into Walgreens and buy…wait for it…Herbal Essences.  I mean, I didn’t even know enough to decipher the good cheap from the bad cheap!  I do know this kind smells good though.  And I think I’ll live.  Although the next time you see me my hair will probably be completely frizzy and gross, even though it never looks amazing I guess.
I don’t think I can get a job soon enough.  Next thing you know, I’ll be buying Kroger brand deodorant.  Ick.
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4 Responses to The Bean on the Job Scene: Cheap Hair Products and the Unemployed

  1. Anonymous says:

    So it's been a year…. waiting to see what good things happened after your last message. 🙂

  2. st44772 says:

    ok, whatever you do – no cheap Kroger deoderant! Try Dove – its the least expensive and it works pretty good. As far a cheap hair products – try Aussie products – i think they are great! Especially if you are used to fancy products. 😉 this wont shock yoru hair as much as going to Suave or something. Dove it ok too, but the conditioner is too heavy, you'll have yucky oily hair. So, I need ot read more on this blog to cath up….stephanie (Mora)

  3. I realized plain Suave Cleansing shampoo and Head and Shoulders are some of the few that really wash the oil off my hair. Such a blessing for those of us who can barely skip a day of washing our hair! I always use Suave first and then Biolage, Kerastase, Nioxin, or whatever expensive stuff I have. I don’t even know why I still bother buying them since my hair looks just about the same with all of them. It’s all about the products I use afterwards.

    • thebeanpoll says:

      hi! ok so i have really dry hair which is why i can go a few days (luckily) without hair washing. but, what are your favorite products after washing? my current faves are morrocan oil (for dry hair!) and fekkai smoothing creme…always up for something new though, thanks for the comment!

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