What to do with the rest of my life…

So.  Since quitting my corporate rat race job on April 1st–it was no April Fool’s joke and still tops the Best Decisions of my Life list–I have:

  • written reviews for Yelp.com (www.rshilling.yelp.com)…
  • spent time in the Georgia mountains with my parents at their new vacation home…
  • been to the beach, let’s see, four different times…
  • eaten brunches, lunches and dinners at countless fabulous restaurants (see Yelp reviews) and have attended many a happy hour and crazy night out with Nashville pals…
  • caught up with college friends and met a bevy of babies belonging to said friends…
  • had a fun weekend at the Ritz in Atlanta…
  • taken a part-timeish job as a personal assistant.  
The above list is in no certain order and is definitely not all-inclusive, but hits on some of the highlights.  I try not to dwell on what I didn’t get to do, but the main thing I missed out on due mostly to lack of traveling funds (and OK, the fact that both Sarah and I are a tad non-committal) was a trip to Chicago to see my best gal Sarah while she was there over the summer.  Bygones.  She’s back now anyway, and said that really, Chicago is great (which I can agree with–see a post a few blogs back) but the guys are better here.  Well said!  And, all you really need to know about Chicago, let’s face it.  
It’s been a fun 5 and a half months (WOW–I just realized that’s a long time.  It has flown by!) but it’s time to get serious–or, halfway serious–about figuring out what I want to do with myself.  When I quit the horrible cubicle dwelling nightmare that was recruiting, my plan was to pursue what I have always loved to do–write!  And, I started to do that with the Yelp job.  But oh, how easy it is to get back in a rut.  Once that contract was up, I started the personal assistant gig, which I have loved, but how much errand-running to Target, Whole Foods, Home Depot, Starbucks, Apple Store, and various other shopping can one do??!!  Wait a minute–are you KIDDING me?  This is what I love!!!  Shopping–FOR A LIVING!!!!!  Along with other fun random stuff–building a Fall garden, cleaning and cataloging a basement, booking appointments and travel, and basically, organizing someone else!!!!!  Yes I know I’m a complete dork but I love to organize, run errands, and clean.  And, you know what they say–you are only truly happy doing what you love.  So, have I figured it out?  Is this what I want for the rest of my life?  No.  
Which leads me to exactly a month ago today.  August 14th.  That was the day I decided that I would give myself one month to get the ball rolling on The Plan for the Rest of My Life.  Yes, by September 15th, I would at least have one decision made–either a) where do I want to live?  Or b) what do I want to do?  I’m antsy–that’s nothing new.  I’ve lived in glorious Nashville for nine years now.  Actually, my 9-year anniversary was August 15th, which is in part why I had a semi-meltdown around that time.  Don’t get me wrong–I love Nashville.  As I mentioned before, we might complain about the lack of guys around here, but once we travel to a new city, they are just not the same.  And it’s not just the guys–I might be shallow, but not that shallow!  Nashville has a ton to do, and new bars and restaurants are always opening–rivaling cities like Chicago and Atlanta.  Not to mention the music scene–it’s only about half country!  And stars live here!  That’s a plus for someone who thinks Perez Hilton IS the news.  Not CNN or Fox.  Mainly though, I have a fabulous huge group of friends that is irreplaceable.  Seriously, at any given moment I can find at least three people to do something–anything–with, be it going out for dinner or drinks, getting a pedicure, going to a movie or on a hike.  But, I can’t help thinking that I just need to get out there while I can.
I’m not married, have no kids, no job, heck I don’t even have a boyfriend or any real prospects.  In short, I don’t have anything that is keeping me chained to Nashville.  Why not get out and see the world?  Besides travel in the US, which there is still plenty of our great nation that I haven’t experienced, I’ve never been overseas.  Ever.  Unless you count Guantanamo Bay, Cuba where I lived for three years when I was little.  A great experience, but I’m not counting that.  Problem with going overseas while still being in debt is the fact that you need money.  Which I don’t have.  Which would lead to the fact that I need a job.  And apparently, a work visa.  Which, as I’ve discovered in my research (if you can call it that) is nearly impossible to come by.  Grrrr.  
So–what to do?  Yeah.  Still don’t know.  I thought that by writing this I’d be one step closer to knowing, but no.  Any suggestions?  Anyone?  I’ll do anything really, short of prostitution.  And go anywhere.  I’m not too picky, I just really don’t want to end up in a third world country.  If you know me at all, you know that I probably wouldn’t survive a day roughing it.  But, stranger things have happened.  In my new “semi-unemployed” life, I’ve had to watch my pennies.  Know what I’ve found out?  You really CAN live off less!  You don’t HAVE to buy a new outfit and shoes every week!  You don’t have to eat out five days a week!  You can choose beer over martinis and it doesn’t make much of a difference (well, OK it does, but I’ve had to deal with it).  YOU CAN SURVIVE ON THE CHEAP!  Crazy I know.  I was floored.  
So, stay tuned.  Maybe I’ll actually figure my life out tomorrow.  Any and all suggestions are welcomed!  
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