I finished! And it didn’t kill me!!!

This is a little late, but I guess better late than never right?  Or maybe you don’t care to read anyway which is also fine.  BUT I FINISHED THE MARATHON!  Well, OK, HALF marathon.  But still.  

I think my last post was when I had completed 7 miles, back in early March.  Well, after that, I was pretty much out of town for the rest of the month.  I might have gotten up to 8 miles, but I’m not sure.  Then there was April.  I ran 10 miles twice at some point during the month.  Oh–and the bigger news is, I quit my job on April 1st!  So I thought that would be great–I could do a lot of training during the day!  Well, no.  I found all KINDS of other stuff to distract me from actually running!  
Anyway, last Saturday came and went, and while I probably wasn’t totally prepared (I was really “overserved” on the Thursday before, but I guess I’ll say that was my fault.  If only Bon Jovi hadn’t been in town.  I’ll place the blame on him), I did finish the race.  I walked a little, jogged a little, and ran the rest.  It wasn’t all that bad!  Now, I’m not going to be one of the ones who claims “it was SO FUN” becuase it really wasn’t all that fun.  Inspiring, yes–loved the bands and specators cheering you on.  I also a not one of the ones who says “I want to now run a full marathon”.  NO.  I DON’T.  I tell you, when I hit that 12 mile marker, I was ready to be finished, and the only thing that got me through at that point was when I thought of all the people who still had 13.1 miles to go!  Yikes.  I felt good then.  
Bottom line–I do recommend running it to anyone.  I am proof positive that ANYONE of any fitness level can run it!  I could barely run a mile in January, and I just ran 13.  Yes, I’m pretty impressed with myself, I must say!  
So what’s my next venture to blog about?  Well, I think I will start (again, about a month late but I’ll “reflect”) on my job search, aka “what to do with the rest of my life”.  Should be either funny or really depressing, I can’t decide which!  
So tune in…if you want…and if you have any ideas of what I should be doing, say, for the next 25 years, let me know that too!  
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