Am I halfway through??? Really???

So this training blog has not really worked out the way I planned…was going to do a weekly update. HOWEVER. The training is still ON! Can you believe it? I mean, I RAN SEVEN MILES LAST WEEK. To me, that’s crazy. I guess anyone really can do it! See I should be the perfect inspiration…an out of shape 30 year old who considers shopping an adequate form of exercise and drinking cocktails the perfect follow-up activity.

Now, training has not been so super easy. Actually, according to fabulous Anne’s schedule, I should be on mile 10 this week…although, it skips around a bit towards the end, so I am working a “training variation” if you will. Anyway. This week, 8 miles. I’m actually in town this weekend. Yes I’ve been traveling again. So far, my trips have included:

  1. Wonderful Gatlinburg, TN. Yes, home of Dollywood. And nearby Pigeon Forge which claims the title “Vegas of the South”. And I can see why. Oh boy, it’s a beaut. I just don’t know that there are words to describe. About 12 of us went for a fun-filled, airbrushed, drunken weekend in the TN mountains. We stayed in a chalet. This is pronounced, at least within our group of G’burgers, just as it looks…hard “ch”, hard “t”. I mean come ON we are in TN not the French Riviera! No running was involved on this trip. Unless it involved running far far away from the airbrush shops that were every other store. However, is Wii now considered a form of exercise? Because after kicking some butt (sorry Sal!) in boxing, I could not move my arms for three days…but I digress.
  2. Next we move on to Mobile, AL to visit friends and their infamous “Chili Cook-Off”. Think of this as a mini Steeplechase…except instead of horses, there is chili. LOTS of chili. Same thing though, it’s drinking for the kids. Or actually, just drinking for a good cause. I fully enjoy knowing that while I may not remember the day, at least it’s helping SOMEONE right? Again, no running here. Unless it was from one bar to the next, and I think that counts as stumbling…
  3. Finally, this past weekend, good ole’ New Orleans, LA. For a short visit, we certainly packed in some drinking, crawfish, drinking, laying out poolside, drinking, bar-hopping, and drinking. Oh, and fun Rachel and I netted an impromptu invite to Cancun! How FUN! Of course, we couldn’t go ONLY because we didn’t have our passports. I would like to know what we really would have done if we had them with us…I mean, we like to say we live on the edge, but…again, NO running. Unless it was away from the ghosts that haunted our B&B. I kid you not. But they were friendly. That’s what we told ourselves anyway. I mean, it’s New Orleans. Tell me a place that ISN’T haunted!

So needless to say, I hit the ground running today–literally. I was miraculously able to eek out four miles after work, which was great considering the day I had yesterday. And considering my “injury”. I will call it a trip injury, since I kind of fell off a curb in New Orleans. This may or may not have had to do with either a)my clumsiness or b)the amount of drinks I had at the time. Either way. Twisted ankle. Oh and you know, I have not even weighed myself since I started this whole gig. But I have noticed that I fit into certain clothes better than before. Bad part about running is, you really can’t cut your calories THAT much when training or you will pass out. Yes I learned this the hard way. AND you should eat more carbs for energy. So I’m actually eating more pasta than I did before I signed up for this mess!

Anyway. Tune in later when I tell you about me running eight miles. It will probably be a whole lot funnier than this, because I think at eight miles, I will completely blank out and start running like Phoebe on Friends. You know the episode, where she runs with arms flailing and yelling as if she is a 10 year old at recess. Think anyone would want to claim me as their friend if I do that at the 1/2 marathon?! HA!

Ok…till later!

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