Ok…new plan!!!

It’s January. Ok, not the first of, but halfway through. And I never really made any solid resolutions. I might not this year–after all, I don’t really stick to them. I mean, we all remember the “resolutions of 2006” right? No? Well, they were pretty comical, yet stuff I really wanted to focus on in life, and I think I lost track of them on oh, say, January 3rd? Maybe 4th…I’ll give myself 3 days on that one!

Anyway…enough of that, one resolution that I ALWAYS have that I NEVER stick to is losing weight, or at the very least, eating healthier and exercising. This year, and I decided this back in November, my main goal is to RUN THE 1/2 MARATHON. Yes you heard me. Or read me. And from reading my past blog entries (if you did–do not feel like you have to go back to them for reference!) you know by now that I am NOT athletic! At all! HA! I did run back in high school, but I think the most I ran was 5 miles? Maybe? But, high school was a total alternate universe, so it doesn’t really count.

Again…ANYWAY. There is a fabulously fun (I say this from word of mouth, not actual experience to date) 1/2 marathon and marathon here in Music City at the end of April–dubbed the “Country Music Marathon”. There are bands at every mile, and a huge performance afterwards at LP Field (formerly “The Coliseum” / Adelphia Coliseum / Titan’s Stadium) and thousands of strangers cheering you on the entire way. I’ve heard “oh anyone can do it with training” and “people who have never run before can do it” and “it’s such a rush”. So, how hard can this be?

Cut to a few weeks ago, I signed up officially, paid my money, have a few friends on the bandwagon…and have a training plan made for me by my good friend and avid marathonist (is that even a word?) Anne. Anne is like the superwoman of running, so I feel really privileged that she took the time to do this! Anyway, so far, IT’S HARD! Although, I’ve gotten through week one officially, now at the start of week two. Two miles and counting!

The reason for me doing this 1/2 marathon is two-fold: 1) to actually feel like I’ve accomplished something for the first time in years and 2) to finally lose weight without really “dieting”. I am watching calories, but not as closely as I was with the infamous Bender Ball (which I’m still using by the way, as part of my “cross training”!). I am making myself stick with this new “plan”, so stay tuned for updates, that is if I live through the training from week to week!

Over and out…

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1 Response to Ok…new plan!!!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Sounds great! If it’s your first marathon (half or full) then yes, you’ll feel such a rush that you’ll breeze through it! Have fun!!! — kittie

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