Bender Ball Boot Camp–week 11–say hello to Leg Magic!!!

Grrrrr…Halloween is upon us. You know what that means. CANDY. And lots of it. And you know what that means. I didn’t lose any weight this week. Actually, when I weighed myself (on Saturday, a few days late–I was feeling thin!) I had actually lost two pounds!!! I was SO excited. Because my week consisted of eating Reese’s cups by the bushel. But, then I ate quite a bit on Sunday, and had evened out again at weigh-in yesterday morning. So I can’t even say this week will be a good weight loss week either, what with the ACTUAL Halloween day falling tomorrow. It’s almost worse afterwards, because that’s when all my co-workers with kids bring in their candy to, you know, “get it out of the house” because it’s evil. EXACTLY why it does not need to be at work either!!!!!

Anyway…I do have to confess. While I have been plugging away at the Bender Ball (sometimes only 2 days a week, but trying for at least four. Just being honest.), and I still enjoy the company of Leslee, Stella, and Kittie (and Shuffle spinning the tunes), I have decided that I need a better leg workout. SO. I was talking to new friend Margaret when we discovered that we both have a weakness for informercials. She asked if I had seen “Leg Magic”–a fabulous contraption she said! I had not seen it. I vowed to stay up late until I caught a glimpse of this fine piece of machinery. Well, that didn’t work so well since I stayed out late and just “fell asleep” immediately upon entering the house.

So cut to Sunday–I’m strolling the aisles of Bed Bath and Beyond, with an immense headache I might add (thanks to the new tequila bar from Saturday night) and I stumble upon the “as seen on TV” section. WHICH I LOVE. And always forget about! Anyway, they actually had Leg Magic! AND it was on sale! AND I had a BB&B coupon! So I didn’t have to deal with horrible customer service, or delayed shipping, or multiple credit card charges. I got the thing home, and it is nothing less than amazing I must say. Works the inner and outer thighs, and kind of the butt at the same time! NOW I need to just do this in tandem with the Bender Ball. Which, by the way, they did not have at the “as seen on TV” section. You still have to order that I guess.

Next week, I’ll have to fully report on how Leg Magic is sculpting my legs into “sexy and short skirt ready”. We shall see. Also this week–TODAY actually–Britney releases “Blackout”. I’ve heard parts of it so far, but will have a full album review next week…GET READY!!!! It’s Britney bitch!!! (That’s her intro, not just something I made up, Mom).

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