Bender Ball Boot Camp–week 10–updo edition

Hello everyone. Welcome to week 10 of my Bender Ball Boot Camp. This was to be the 10th (obviously) and final installment of the workout and weight loss blog, but since I haven’t quite accomplished the shedding of the lbs. like I thought I would (and I totally blame turning 30, when your metabolism shuts down but I didn’t believe it originally), I’m going to continue until I lose at least 10 more pounds. So far, I’ve lost 14…

…so, that means I didn’t lose any this past week. But I didn’t gain any either. Seems to be more of a trend than I would like though. The name of the game is WEIGHT LOSS. But I never was one to stick with the rules of the game…anyway.

You may be wondering what “updo edition” has to do with my blog this week. Or not. There might not even be anyone reading this after 10 weeks, but the point of me writing it is that I just don’t know, so I’m pretending that at least 1 person is still bored enough to check out this site once a week. Anyway. I digress. As you’ve probably figured out, I’m good at that. So back to the updo. The reason I put that in there is because while I’m typing this, Dara is practicing wedding hair on Meredith. I’m here for backup. Kind of. And to hold the mirror. I don’t do much “updoing” or anything else with my hair, except straightening my Shirley Temple curls until they are flat as a board. B-O-R-I-N-G. So, Dara does good hair though, and Meredith has commissioned her as “official hair-doer” for her wedding.

Meredith originally said she wanted an “updo”, but not in the way you might be thinking. There are no–I mean ZERO–tendrils (is that how you spell it?) involved with this wedding hair. Update: (so I’ve been back and forth between mirror holder, bobby pin applier, and curling iron wrangler AND trying to write the blog, so I’ve been not concentrating on writing for about 30 minutes) we now have an official WEDDING DO. Hair do that is. I think. We’ll see, I think there will be another practice session before December 1st. Anyway, it doesn’t involve a tendril per se, but a “cousin”–maybe second cousin even?–of the tendril that is more a long bang that has a lazy curl. Know what I’m talking about? Ok not really I’m sure, but it does look really good on Meredith. Hopefully I’ll be able to attach pictures of the final outcome.

Back to the Bender Ball though. I know I haven’t focused on it lately, and I am still working on it (usually 3-4 days a week?) but I have not yet gotten the purple rubber oven-mitt looking glider thingys yet. I’m starting to get nervous that maybe they are lost in the mail. I think I’ll set aside oh, 2 hours tomorrow to get on the phone with BB customer service and get to the bottom of this. Because come ON people–it’s been 10 weeks since I’ve been working out on the BB, and 12 since I received the whole kit and kaboodle in the mail. I must admit, doing the same workout videos day in and day out is really boring me. Even with Shuffle surprising me with lots of Britney (old school) and many others to get me going, I’m slowly but surely slacking off. Maybe by next week I’ll have something new in workout world to report!

As for the rest of the week, my plans are to work out the best I can despite the 4 days of constant rain expected (wow, this blog actually reads like a weather diary–started with severe heat, to severe drought, now the rain won’t seem to let up) and not to eat in excess. That counts all the chocolate and Halloween candy at work. Oh yeah, and we’ll see if I dress up this year for “Halloween”–I’m usually so into it, but this year the actual day of the 31st is on a Wednesday, so the partying will be kind of lame. I don’t even have a costume in mind yet. This is SO unlike me. Well, until next week, when hopefully I’ll have either already been to a costume party, or will have one coming up…have a great week! And try an updo, or at the very least, a new hairstyle. It can cheer you up!

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