Bender Ball Boot Camp–week 9

Well, if you recall at the end of last blog, I was going to try to lose 2.5 pounds and NOT SHOP. I was successful in…well…neither. I did lose one pound…so that’s at least in the right direction, especially considering what I ate last week (think hot dogs–I was at the Vandy game I had no choice. And chocolate. And pizza. Not diet food). But I did not not shop. So, yeah, that’s a double negative. I did shop. A good bit. But, let’s think about this logically…

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned but I like to clean out my closets at the beginning and end of every season. I call it “the changing of the closets”. Kind of like “the changing of the guard”, but with clothes and shoes. But no less sentimental or touching. I mean, it’s like Christmas and birthday and Easter and Halloween and…well whatever other holiday or event on which one might receive new outfits, all rolled into one! Because, I normally shop some end-of-season sales just to get those good bargains (NOT on trendy stuff though, because most likely it will be out of style in a few months) so I have some totally new clothes–with tags still on and everything!! Not to mention all the stuff I forgot I even had.

So the point of mentioning all this is–in my end-of-summer-beginning-of-fall “changing of the closets”, I just went a little nuts. I decided that if I had something for at least 2 years, and had not worn it at ALL last season, then it was going in the “get rid of” pile (with a few exceptions, there are some classic pieces in there). I mean, the storage was getting ridiculous and becoming an issue, so some things had to go. Then I discovered the “new” resale shop in Hillsboro Village–“Clothing X-Change”. Some may remember it as the teeny-bopper, Abercrombie-laden hellhole that was “Planet X-Change” out in Cool Springs not too long ago. It was by the Chick-Fil-A which is the only reason I discovered it in the first place. I love CFA. But I digress. Well, the owner finally got sick of all the kids and decided to pack it up and head for the hills…the Green Hills that is. Now, it has a much more grown-up and slightly “vintage” feel. After taking a few items to test the waters, and making about $20 on stuff I would have otherwise given away, the capitalist in me won out and I started REALLY digging in to my closets–when it was all said and done, I had much more space–both in current closets and in storage wardrobes–and I was about $100 richer. You should totally check it out!

So you see, since I’ve purged most of my clothes of seasons past, I now needed to replace some key items. For the fall. Like, new fall dresses. And boots. And shoes. And a shirt or two (the trendy kind, from Target of course). Not everything was break the bank pricey, like I just said I do shop at Target, and I refrained from really getting into trouble but Saturday was fun fun fun. I love new things.

So after 9 weeks I’ve lost 14 pounds. Oh which is also a reason I needed to buy some new things–some stuff was too big YAY!!! This week I’m going for another 2.5-4. I think I can do it! Also, friend Scott is headed out to Los Angeles to visit his cousin, Britney Spears. I mean they are both from Louisiana, that means they’re nearly related right? Anyway. Kidding. I’m from the South too I’ve heard all the jokes. I am really pressing the issue though that he needs to go armed with his camera and a star map (celebrity stars not heavenly bodies) and the latest issue of US Weekly to read on the plane so he knows what all of my fave celebs are up to. And he has to “stalk” them for me. He mentioned this possibly getting in the way of some “interview” thing that he has, which is apparently the true reason he is going out there, but I don’t buy it. We’ll see what reconnaissance he brings back for next week’s blog…make me proud, Scott! That’s about all I’ve got this week. And I’m seriously finished shopping. Really. Except for maybe one more pair of shoes, in brown. But that’s all…

NOTE: I just re-read my post of last week. Wow. I’ve really been shopping lately. Must stop! I’m really not all about material things…am I?! Yikes…

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