Bender Ball Boot Camp–week 8

Guess who lost 15 pounds this week!!!!!! No, not me, someone on the Biggest Loser!!!! But good for them!!!! Actually, I did have good week…I lost 3.5 pounds!!!! So yay…that was within my goal range so FINALLY I did something right! So–total after 8 weeks–13 pounds lost. Which, I still need to lose at least 10 more pounds for me to be happy but I’m on the right track I guess. And since I don’t think that dropping 5 pounds each week for the next 2 is feasible, I’m going to extend my 10 weeks to however long it takes! I’m on a roll, why stop now?!

WARNING: the rest of this blog is kind of boring. I don’t have much to report from this past week, and I still don’t have my purple rubber potholder-looking glider thingys (holding out hope for this week?) so more of the same with Leslee and the girls…ok so here’s a recap of my weekend–again, consider yourself warned if you read further.

To reward myself for shedding some L-B’s, I went shopping on Saturday. Ok, so that was a little premature, but I did weigh myself and by that point I had lost 3 so…I deserved a little pick me up. For those that don’t know me that well, shopping is a little bit like an addiction for me. Ok, well it IS an addiction. I can be having the worst day, and walk into a mall, a boutique, a Target, and suddenly it’s like a ray of sun peeks through the clouds and a band of angels sings…yeah that’s a little dramatic but you get the point. I don’t know what it is, something about all those new things…clothes, shoes, luggage, kitchen items, iPod accessories, you name it I’ll shop for it! And it doesn’t have to be really expensive stuff, although don’t get me wrong I love that too–thanks to the fine folks at Wachovia though, they keep me in check! But, I can walk into a Target and go to TOWN. Just slowly browsing up and down the aisles really is like therapy for me.

ANYWAY–so I decided to eat at Chick-Fil-A on Saturday, also a treat, and just had to stop by TJ Maxx–the best one in town–that is right next door. And TJ (as I affectionately nickname it) is the kind of store that gets new things in–completely random things–EVERY FREAKIN’ DAY. And you NEVER know what you are going to find! So, because of this “shopping roulette” that is TJ, if you see something you halfway like, you have got to buy it right away or else it won’t be there again. So you see how I easily ran up quite a bill. Several pairs of designer jeans (at like 70% off at least!), a few sweaters, a set of 600 thread count sheets and a few other sundries and I was good to go. On to my next victim–Target!!! More damage there. I was determined to get new things for fall (despite the 92 degree temperature outside) and unfortunately, this is the WORST time to shop. You never find anything you need, only stuff that the next day you look at and wonder “what the hell was I thinking?”. So, after stopping at Macy’s, Dillard’s, Banana Republic, Sephora, and Anthropologie, I had plenty of “what the hell?”‘s.

So while Saturday was a shopping day, Sunday can be described as an un-shopping day. Or Day of Returns. While I thought I would be sad, actually it was relief seeing the “money” go back on my credit card. I swear, I’ve never seen a Visa sweat, but mine was. As demented as it may sound, I think I just needed to go out and prove to myself that there was nothing out there that I needed to buy. Kind of like, I’m not missing out on anything I guess! I’ll save my money for the fun stuff that’s soon to roll off the runways…

‘Till next week–when I hope to lose at least 2.5 pounds. Wish me luck! Not only on losing weight but also on not shopping!!!

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