Bender Ball Boot Camp–week 7

So I have to start off this week–week SEVEN–with a Debbie Downer wah wah waaahhhhh. Once again, for the second week in a row, ZERO pounds lost. So in the past 3 weeks, I’ve only lost half a pound! And 9.5 total! This is not what Leslee promised when I was so intently watching her infomercial that fateful day in July. She insisted that the pounds would just melt away! That I would be fat girl slim in a matter of weeks!

Well, she must have meant 52 weeks…and she also must have meant not to eat ice cream with chocolate sauce at night*! And not to drink your dinner**! And not to eat a Wendy’s Jr. Cheeseburger and fries***! And I could go on…it is now DOWN TO BUSINESS TIME. I mean it. This is it. My goal for this week is 3-5 pounds lost. I’m not normally one to set goals, because I usually give in to willpower before I reach them, but not this week. I’m going to stay strong. And I’m very scared, because I’m going to La Paz tomorrow for a birthday dinner. Do you think it’s possible to go to La Paz and not eat an entire basket of chips and a bowl of queso? And stay away from the chicken and cheese quesadilla with guacamole and sour cream? And not have a Corona or five (while most would opt for the margarita at a Mexican establishment, do I have to remind you that I cannot handle tequila?! So Corona it is.)! We shall see. If I end up ducking out on the dinner, it’s because I don’t trust myself!

*It’s Edy’s Double-churned, 1/2 the fat and calories. It’s 90 calories per serving. Not bad. But I think I eat 2 servings. And with the chocolate sauce, add another, oh, 60 calories. So we’ll just say 300 calories to be on the safe side, because let’s be honest here, while I’m scooping the ice cream I also steal a few bites–just to make sure it’s good and cold…!
**Friday night. I drank my dinner. Not my fault, I ended up going out later than planned, and had to resort to calamari at the Trace. Ok my favorite thing, but it still wasn’t much. So vodka soda splash of cranberry was my dinner…
***…which is why Saturday morning I had to eat a Wendy’s cheeseburger and fries. See, it all makes sense now right???!!! No? I’m supposed to be sticking to the game plan? Ok…

So enough about me; other things of note that took place this past week: Fall TV Premiere Week! See last week’s blog for details, but the brief recap is:

  • Dancing With the Stars will be a show I watch for “filler”.
  • The Bachelor SUCKS.
  • Dirty Sexy Money is fantabulous. I’m hooked–for now, of course, I’m giving it 2 more episodes in which it could easily go south.
  • Private Practice…well, pretty much a disappointment. Had to actually fast forward through a few scenes. Since when did Dr. Addison Sheppard act like Bridget Jones? She’s usually a hard ass. Again, giving it 2 more weeks.
  • Gossip Girl continues to entertain me in a “guilty pleasure” kind of way.
  • Grey’s Anatomy–was SO FREAKIN’ TERRIBLE that honestly, I’m going to have to go against my first episode “make or break” deal and let it have one more week to prove itself. Surely it can’t get any worse. In the words of a friend, “it’s like a Spring Break episode”. EXACTLY. You know, when the producers know they are going to have an “off week”, i.e. when the majority of their viewers are on Spring Break (or are 8 years out of school and still acting like they are 18 and on vacay, I might know someone like this) so they plan a lame episode as “filler”? Well, that was this first ep. And they really needed a blockbuster here, to appease all of us that are about to fall of the McDreamy wagon. But, I’m a pushover, so one more week it is.
  • The Office–OMG my DVR DID NOT RECORD IT!!!!!!!! I’m devastated!!!!! I heard it was great though–anyone want to recap? Are Jim and Pam in love? I think I can catch it on though right? Just haven’t had a chance to do that yet.
  • Desperate Housewives…wah wah wah. My heart has really not been with the show since early last season anyway, so I had to keep asking “who is that” and “why is she acting like she’s pregnant” and “why did Gabby marry the councilman from Sex and the City who had a certain, ahem, fetish”…verdict, probably will regard DH just as I regard Dancing…filler.
  • Finally, Brothers and Sisters. Good ep. Had me in tears at the end. They had better bring Justin home next episode, and I don’t mean in a pine box with an American flag draped over it. That will just send me into hysterics.

Ok, that’s about it for this week. My life pretty much revolved around eating and TV. So will kickstart it this week with a little closet cleaning (that burns calories right? I mean, my sweater storage boxes are heavy) and some more hanging with Leslee and the posse in her purple basement. Fingers crossed–3-5 pounds gone by next week!!!!

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