Bender Ball Boot Camp–week 3–Chicago style

YAY!!!! So I just got back from 4 days in Chicago–and I didn’t gain any weight!!!! I also didn’t lose any, but hey you have to delight in the small things. So–week 3–

0 pounds gained or lost
.5 inch from my waist
1 inch from my hips

Again, small victories! At least that is what I’ll tell myself…so about Chicago. It was so fun. I didn’t eat constantly, like I thought I would, but definitely ate well. Here’s a sampling:

  • Pizza at Redbud (or is is Rosebud? I suddenly am drawing a blank and it’s some famous restaurant or something. Anyway, very good)
  • Lots of different stuff at Japonais (highly recommend the tuna bruschetta stuff, was disappointed they took the garlic scallop rolls off the menu but oh well)
  • Hot dogs
  • Filet and lobster mashed potatoes at Nine, and I also highly recommend the calamari there–it’s different but SO good.
  • Then let’s see, more deep dish pizza, which I don’t really think that I like too much but we had to try out Pizzeria Uno so, deep dish pizza that took 1 hour to cook it was.
  • Then more hot dogs at the Cubs game, and Old Style beer (which I guess is a Northern thing but similar to our PBR–that’s Pabst Blue Ribbon, curses if you don’t know that). Let me digress for a second…one of my fave parts about the Cubs game–I’m not a huge baseball fan–was watching the vendors walk up and down the aisles with various sundries. And they all had different styles of selling the same products! One hot dog guy would yell “haaawwwwtt dogs getcha getcha haaawwwwtt dogs” and then open and shut the metal hot dog box lid really fast as if it was talking to you. I definitely bought my hot dog from that guy. Then there was an Old Style beer guy (they also had Bud beer guys but they were not as popular) who would sashay down the aisle and yell “beeah guy heeah (which is in Chicago-speak beer guy here) who’s drinkin’ who’s ready?” Hahaha!!!!!! LOVED him too. I definitely have to use that more often. “Who’s drinkin’ who’s ready?”. Yes I will use that this weekend. And then there was the cotton candy guy–“caaaaten caaaannnuuunndeeee” to where I really had to look at what he was holding–bags of cotton candy on a big stick–to see what he was saying. ANYWAY it was all so comical. Great people watching at the Cubs game! I think I love the Cubs. Cool old stadium. And some cute guys there too.
  • Sunday night we ate at this upscale Mexican place called I can never remember what it is called, maybe Salpica? Salpicon? Something like that. I really liked it. Dara and Kelly just thought it was so-so. But, we had been drinking, eating, walking around non-stop for 3 days at that point, so I think we were just wearing out.
  • Wait I’m not done with food yet. We still had Monday morning/afternoon to go. Went to Millennium Park and took pictures by The Bean (haha get it, The Bean by The Bean–yes I might have to post that pic) and ate at the cafe there. I had my first chicken/herb/sun-dried tomato “sausage” dog. Very interesting–VERY good. I swear I might have to make them here. Not actually MAKE the sausage eeewwwwww no thanks, but surely I could get that at Fresh Market or something. By make it I mean buy it, grill it, throw it on a poppyseed bun and eat it.

Basically, that was my eating tour through Chicago. I didn’t mention all the drinking, but I was on vacay–you can imagine we drank during the day, at night, on the plane, in the airport bar, etc. And I remember the trip!!!! Most of it anyway…there are a few blurry moments from Friday night, but yesterday in the middle of the Saks Shoe Salon we discovered a video on Dara’s camera that had apparently been taken in a cab. It was mainly us talking but we figured out some places we had been. I tell you, my college friends will attest that I think “cameras are overrated” and they can be scary after a wild night, but also a blessing sometimes. Maybe there were a few hazy hours from Saturday too, but hey we got through the weekend right?! Again, small victories…

Some other things that I liked about Chicago:

  • Leslee, Stella, and Kittie did NOT come with me. That was great. I will pick back up with them tomorrow, more about that below.
  • “Hot Dogs and Sequins”–the name of our trip, so dubbed yesterday at the airport. I think it’s pretty self-explanatory. Maybe.
  • The 10-year old baseball aficionado sitting next to me at the Cubs game. He thought I was ridiculous and did not like all my questions…i.e. “why is the coach yelling at that man (the umpire)? Why did the pitcher hit the batter with the ball on purpose? How much do you think the umpire gets paid? How old are baseball players on average? Where can you see their close-up head shots? Do they all wear gold chains? Because I don’t like gold chains. My favorite time was when I was in mid-question and he rolled his eyes and said “you don’t know much about baseball do you?”. Yeah. No I don’t. A 10-year-old rolled his eyes at me. A hoot.
  • Meeting up with about 15 different people from Nashville who were also randomly in Chicago, all at different times and not at all planned. It really is a small world.
  • The bellboys at the hotel. I really wish I had one of these outside my house at all times. They give you directions without acting like you are stupid, they hail you a cab (not like I constantly need one of these) they tell you what bars to go to, they load and unload and carry all of your things for you, they yell back at cab drivers who are yelling at you, they always smile and tell you that you look nice. Of course, they expect a tip for all this, but still.
  • The shopping of course. Even though I couldn’t do big-time shopping on this trip (thanks for nothing Wachovia. And Chase. And USAA), it is just fun to waltz through the stores and imagine buying all that stuff. Next time I will. Seriously.

Bottom line, would love to go back–probably not for 4 days, but still it’s great fun. Great city. And I had great friends to go with. AND–I got home, and GUESS WHAT WAS WAITING FOR ME???!!!! More Bender Ball DVD’s! YAY!!!!!!! Ok well I wasn’t that excited, but still. I’m getting a little tired of the other ones. So, now I can make up a whole ROUTINE!!!!! I love routines!!!!! I have advanced abs, pilates, and of course the old stand-bys, core training (mainly abs) and buns/thighs. Can’t wait to try these out. I sure hope Stella and Kittie are there with her. OMG what if she has NEW FRIENDS in these videos??? I never thought of such until now! Maybe I’ll have lots to report next week! Back to Monday of next week too. So I better hop to it. Alabama plays Vandy here this weekend, so I had better watch myself. They have hot dog vendors there too, you know…

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3 Responses to Bender Ball Boot Camp–week 3–Chicago style

  1. Anonymous says:

    Robin – That’s awesome that you didn’t gain any weight on your Chicago trip. I’m very, very impressed! And you know I mean that in the best way possible. It doesn’t seem like a real vacation if you don’t gain just a little weight. BTW thanks for the ‘shout-out’ a couple of weeks ago. Sorry I’m so slack on acknowledging it. And, no, I got rid of my purple basement years ago… Can’t wait to hear how the new routine works for you. I hope BBK makes a return. Best of luck!

  2. Robin says:

    thanks “anonymous”! i must say i was shocked, SHOCKED i tell you that i didn’t gain any weight. must have been all the walking around we did too. you are so much cooler than BBK. and yes, she has made an appearance on the new videos!!! i don’t know whether to be mad or excited…i was kind of hoping that leslee had some new friends…

  3. Nydia says:

    Interesting to know.

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