Bender Ball Boot Camp–week 2

So, the week 2 report isn’t as stellar as I had hoped. I ate pretty well…didn’t really slip up. Avoided all chocolate in the office for the second week in a row which, in itself, is quite the conquest if you know my office. It’s everywhere. Thanks Misty! 😉 Bender Balled it 5 out of 7 days…borrowed various dogs (from friends not random dogs off the street) to walk the ‘hood with me. So, overall, good week I guess. Just didn’t lose as much as I wanted:

1.5 pounds

.5 inch from my waist

no change anywhere else

So, total of 6 pounds lost so far. Now, I really wanted to lose the 10 lbs. I gained in a month, in the first 2 weeks. Yeah no. And when I mentioned above that I ate well this past week, that is true. I guess I should mention though that I haven’t really given up the alcohol like I was going to do. A few glasses of wine here, a beer there, 10 vodka drinks yonder, and I guess that could have held me back a bit this week.

BUT I couldn’t help it. The wine that was already open in the fridge just couldn’t go to waste, so I drank that. Then fun friend Dana was in town, so of course I had to have a drink or 5 with her and all of our other friends. Then we went to the Allison Krauss concert and what is a concert without a 24 oz. beer? Well, I guess it was Allison Krauss. Not really the beer chugging type of concert. Anyway. No matter. I drained all 24 ounces. Concerts are fun!!!

Since all the diet books and plans I’ve perused and tried over the years tend to point fingers at evil alcohol as a main culprit of weight gain and retention, I guess I really should try to cut back. Especially on the beer. And wine. Vodka has a mere 64 calories an ounce. Or is it several ounces? Who knows. I should just stick to my new fave drink, vodka (1 or more ounces) soda with a splash of cranberry. Because soda has ZERO calories and cranberry has, like, a lot, but just a splash can’t hurt too much. Right? Guess it depends on the bartender and how much they deem a “splash”.

Oh and I must say–I did rescue the prized Bender Ball from an untimely demise on Friday. Though I did contemplate, for a second, whether I should wrangle it from the jaws of death–a.k.a. Thacker the crazy golden retriever (see above note: “dogs I borrowed”) or whether I should give up and eat a pizza. Ultimately, I decided that I had waited 6 long weeks for this thing to arrive at my doorstep, damn it, I was not going to let it die at the paws of my playful yet vicious furry comrade. After carefully wrestling the Ball away and patting myself on the back for having such great willpower (and strength–those of you that know me well know that I have the upper body strength of a tiny kitten–and Thacker is a strong dog!) I fell asleep on the couch. While I had sugarplums, new clothes, and a hot guy dancing in my head (I dream pretty easily) little did I know Thacker had moved on to my brand new book–Dixieland Delight by local funny guy Clay Travis (fab book, any SEC fan has to check it out!)–and tore the last few chapters to shreds. Oh well. At least I won’t have to wait 6 weeks for that; I can just go to Davis-Kidd to read the last bit of Clay’s take on Southern football. Seriously. Probably the funniest book I have read in a long time, and a great tutorial for anyone not familiar with the traditions of football across the South. Thacker the dog must have been bred in ACC territory. Yeah, that’s it.

So. Coming up. I don’t have incredibly high hopes for this week–let’s just say, I hope to break even by next Monday’s weigh in! Or wait, it will have to be Tuesday next week. I’m heading to Chicago for Labor Day, and of course I’ll have to eat a Chicago style deep-dish pizza, a hot dog or 4 at the Cubs game, and various other “vacation foods”. I’ll try to be good. Maybe all the shopping will count as exercise?! We shall see. Wish me luck, have a fab Labor Day (eat some hot dogs–or hamburgers at least–I mean, it’s the last unofficial weekend of the summer for cryin’ out loud) and chat next Tuesday!

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2 Responses to Bender Ball Boot Camp–week 2

  1. Melissa says:

    I’m going to have to try this wonder drink of yours. Sounds promising. Alcohol seems to be my downfall, too. But, sometimes I can make myself not snack at night by rewarding myself with a glass of wine. I usually end up eating way more calories than I can drink. And, I’d much rather have a glass of red wine than a bowl of ice cream.

  2. Robin says:

    yes i think i’ve calculated that an average vodka/soda/cranberry drink is probably in the neighborhood of 75 calories (served at a bar). which is much less than beer, not sure about wine. i do like a glass of wine at night. i’m trying not to keep it in the house though. that way, i’m not tempted!

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