the bean on the scene 9/13

seen in your city:
sunday, 9/10, i literally ran into wynonna judd while walking out of cool springs mall…she was scolding one of her kids, and i was looking for my keys, and we ran into each other…

the second spawn of k-fed cometh!!!!!!! damn brit, you couldn’t have delivered a day earlier…my fafarazzi season is OVER and i lost b/c of you…

well it’s about freaking time…now whitney can focus purely on her blow and not have to worry about her “marriage” getting in the way…

ok what i think is baffling here is not that ashlee is going to star on london’s stage as roxie hart in chicago, but the picture…IS THAT REALLY HER????? i know she’s had plastic surgery and a total transformation to make her into a weird paris/mary kate olsen/hillary duff hybrid and all, but this is just mind boggling. and one other thing…did she go to glamour shots to get her pics made???,,2004580002-2006420491,00.html

for you lovers of the office…and i must admit, i’m a newbie to the season this year, but i’ve caught up and can’t BELIEVE i missed out last year! anyway, apparently there is a “severance package” you can get with seasons 1 and 2 dvds and other sundries…this according to BWE…HI-larious! i still can’t get through to dwight’s voicemail though…
Especially when the best part of the “Severance Package” set is something that can be shared with people for free! When your boss isn’t looking, pick-up your phone and call Dwight Schrute at 1-(800)-984-DMPC (or 3672 for the tarded). We promise: It’s worth it.

oh puh-LEASE…lindslo doesn’t even know what marriage is, i’m sure of it. she probably thinks the phrase “getting married” means “getting high” just like “asthma attack”, “exhaustion”, and “dehydration”. webster needs to seriously send this slut a dictionary…

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