the bean on the scene 9/7

seen in your city:
lots of random sightings lately, since i haven’t updated the blog in forever…let’s see, and i won’t remember all the dates…
ex-titan steve mcnair, hanging out with drew bennett at corner pub midtown. apparently a favorite new place for titans, since i saw drew there the next night as well.
vince gill and amy grant at green hills mall.
aidan from SATC AGAIN. boy he is really out and about…

in a nutshell, below is what’s gone on since the dark ages, which is when i last updated this blog. i’ll blame a bad sinus infection, being out of town, and actually being busy at work…totally cramping my style! i must get back in the habit, especially since it’s t-minus 8 days till i stalk celebs in the hamptons woo HOO!

SURI LIVES! SHE IS REAL! or, in other words, tom and katie shelled out some dough to borrow someone’s baby for a photoshoot!!! and this baby is totally wearing a toupee. she also looks sort of asian. hmmmm…..just more to back up my theory…,26334,1531902,00.html
also check out this HI-larious website thanks to BWE…it’s totally where “suri” got her hair, and possibly my friend dill’s thick-haired baby maggie! HA! love ya’ sweet mags…

oh this is a hoot. not that she got arrested, big deal, and not surprising, but the way she explains it to ryan seacrest on his radio show…some snippets…
I got off last night (from recording her song) at about 10 p.m. then I went and had dinner with my sister and all my girlfriends, and then we went to this charity event Dave Navarro threw for brain tumors.
he threw an event for “brain tumors”. so nice of him. i’m sure the brain tumors appreciate it.
“And um, I had one margarita, starving ’cause I had not ate all day, on my way to In-n-Out which is probably three blocks away,
ok 1)she claims she was starving when she had allegedly just been to dinner with her sister (see above) and 2)fabulous use of grammar…i had not ATE all day. anyway, the whole thing is just amusing…,26334,1532335,00.html

heather and david broke up? was it ever confirmed they were dating? sounds like a publicity stunt to me…,26334,1532102,00.html

i’m glad suri finally surfaced, because katie had something to talk about on her first night as a serious news anchor…right after mentioning something about the taliban, of course…,26334,1531881,00.html?cid=recirc-top5-1-1531881

kristin c. doesn’t need a pr rep…sounds like she is getting herself out there just fine…watch out nicole!

oh i totally hope brit spawns her second k-fed offspring today, because it would totally bump me up in my fafarazzi points…

i love this from perez hilton…this baby really is cute. wonder what her name is? here are pics for those of us that don’t live in NYC or LA and have to wait another week for the mag…

um hmm….uh huh. i can see it. yes, i think i can get on board with this theory…tomkat’s baby’s daddy is actually chris klein…check it out and tell me what you think.

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