the bean on the scene 8/24

seen in your city:
well, it seems that our beloved aidan from SATC–ok, but not season 4 aidan–or even season 3, but with much longer stringy hair and a scruffy beard–has been sighted all over town in the last few days:
tues 8/22, by friend of sarah at tootsie’s
wed 8/23 by DW walking down the sidewalk on demonbreun, and by NH, JF, and AH grinding at the stage.

so tom and his company got fired from paramount. that will teach you that jumping on the furniture could cause you to lose your job. he should have listened to his mom when he was younger! and is “breathtakingly” really an adjective you can use when talking about advice? isn’t that more to describe someone or a physical object? hmmmm…isn’t that a seinfeld episode too?
Cruise’s lawyer, Bert Fields, told the paper that Redstone’s comments about Cruise were “disgusting” and suggested that Redstone, who is 83, has “lost it completely, or he’s been given breathtakingly bad advice.”,26334,1333544,00.html

what’s more shocking than paris picking on lindslo is the fact that such a device EXISTS and you can subscribe to a service that let’s you hack into other people’s voicemails! isn’t that illegal?? have we ZERO privacy anymore?

yes, yes, yawn. yesterday’s news. but, paris and brandon are a match made in skank heaven. they actually deserve each other…

damn…all my wedding dreams are crushed! no more drunken vegas weddings…between midnight and 8am at least…britney’s publicist is probably breathing a sigh of relief.

brody…funny that you’ve become an “it” celebrity…anyway i digress. you are better off with fameseeker slut kristin than skeletor. i mean, when you hold her hand, do you feel like you’re going to crush her?

k-fed quote of the day, regarding his…GED. he thinks he’s a genius.
“I actually got amazing-ass test scores on it,” says K-Fed. “I got pretty high test scores for the state of California.”

other k-fed news. he has no friends. or doesn’t anymore after he performed in front of all of them…broke, has no friends…but hey he passed the GED.

please, please kate…i don’t care if you and hippychris get back together. just cut the kid’s hair. he doesn’t even really look like a girl…just a dirty kid that needs his hair cut…

no no no…tom has brainwashed katie into thinking she has a baby. i’m sure that was just a cabbage patch doll she was holding…

oh no! victor kiriakis had a real-life heart attack! he’s ok apparently…wonder if the Days camera crew got it on film for the next scene. is victor still on Days anyway??? les please tell!

gotta run…more tomorrow!

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