the bean on the scene 8/14

seen in your city:
not many celebs out and about lately i guess. no one at the flora-bama anyway…

OMG! i do love kate hudson, even though i think she and chris are strange. but i thought they were both so strange that their marriage would last…guess i was wrong.,26334,1226370,00.html

and i guess matt and his wife are not splitting up, which was in the rumor mill a while back. well, at least not for now…baby #3 on the way.,26334,1225959,00.html

this picture says 1,000 words…paris holding hands with jenna jameson the porn star…,26335,1224067_6,00.html

it’s official…rod’s daughter is actually a skinny man in drag. “she” looks gross. and is gross. barefoot? is she trying to be brit?

say it ain’t so…if brit and k-fed really renew their vows, that will be the 4th stupidest thing she’s ever done. 4th after: 1)marrying k-fed 2) and 3) having 2 of his children. oh wait and 5)giving him an amex black with no limit. she must be contracting some sort of brain cell killer disease from walking around barefoot…

more on k-fed…light is now shed on his numerous attempts and successes at procreating…according to his pre-nup, he gets a certain amount of money for each child he spawns. gross. and sad. these kids never had a chance…and don’t miss it, at the bottom of the article where lindslo wants to open a tatoo parlor. note to self: never get drunk in the vicinity of one of these places. i don’t want “breathe” permanantly inked on my wrist.

suri the loch ness monster has allegedly reared her “pretty, doens’t seem to be deformed” head at a birthday party…yes, a children’s birthday party with NO cameras present. strange? yes. surprising? no.,,50001-1230768,00.html

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