the bean on the scene 8/8

seen in your city:
a late entry, but still a good one…E Mc saw sarah stone the bachelorette at starbucks friday 8/4…was introduced to some guys at her table as doing PR for a company…we’ll see what she’s getting into!

ok. ok. this is just too funny to all be true. lindslo in iraq with or without hillary. below, some high points of the article…

  1. she wants to be a pinup just like marilyn monroe. newflash for you sister…marilyn was like a size 14, blond, and a good actress. that is what you don’t have in common. what you do have in common: big boobs (real or otherwise) and you will sleep with anyone to work your way up. but i still like marilyn better.
  2. she is not afraid of “handling iraq on her own”, b/c her security guard is taking her to shooting lessons. i mean duh. what are we all thinking? our military has obviously trained incorrectly for years. all you have to do is hire a rent-a-cop, have them take you to a hollywood movie set, and teach you all about “shooting”. then you will be a master when it comes to iraqi warfare…
  3. she likes charles manson. enough said.
  4. she does not do cocaine.
  5. immediately after statement #4, she claims that she enjoys / gets off on lying to the press because “it’s fun”.

lindslo, all i can say is, best of luck in life. and remember how marilyn bit it…overdose (allegedly).,26334,1223896,00.html

is it me or does summer look like a bobblehead of herself? seems like she is challenging keira for the grossly skinny award…,26335,1221776_9,00.html

celeb scandal ringtones…the latest in cellphone fashion. i call lindslo’s next “asthma attack”…also funny in this article…suri as the loch ness monster hahaha! thanks LAM for the early email on this!

well, i really hope that some of us are correct about LC’s offer to go to paris (the hills) was fake and just to make the show “dramatic”…b/c she finally ditched loser jason. although, he probably left her b/c mtv didn’t renew his contract. now he’ll most likely be found stalking talan. maybe jason will get to be engaged to nasty kim stewart in attempt to continue his 15 min…

ha! we all know brit is airbrushed…here’s a pic from glamour though, before / after. i wish i could hire airbrushers for all of my pics too.

that’s about all i can dig up from the bottom of the celeb pile today. hopefully, the celebutards will be back at it tomorrow…

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