the bean on the scene 8/7

seen in your city:
sat 8/5 at virago by DW, toby keith in a nasty redneck outfit.
sat 8/5 at roberts by new pool friend, ty pennington from extreme home makeover.
according to several sources, billy currington has been “secretly” bartending–yes, even his agents didn’t know–at sambuca on mondays just for the fun of it. no word on if he is still there after his agents found out.

j. lo’s out…who is up for sue ellen now?

i guess this is what paris meant by “we’re together again…for now”. that lasted all of, what, 30 minutes?

britney britney…i just don’t even know what to say. well yes i do. here are some fashion tips:

  1. the shirt could actually be cute with the right skirt, or maternity jeans, and the right shoes.
  2. white flip flops can only be worn once by people with even the cleanest feet.
  3. do not wear your little sister’s cheerleading shorts in public when you are 9 months pregnant. or even in private when you are not pregnant.
  4. people that can get away with wearing bright red lipstick with black hair include: 1)betty boop 2)that is all
  5. take advice from carrie bradshaw–no one wears scruncies outside the bathroom. i’m only hoping you forgot that you still had one on your wrist.

so far, august still isn’t proving itself as a worthwhile month. still pushing 100 degrees, and all the celebs can get into is breaking up and boxing in their bikinis? no thanks lindslo…

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