the bean on the scene 8/1

welcome to august. i can’t believe the worst month of the year is here. sorry for those of you who have birthdays this month, it’s nothing against you. i don’t like august because:

  1. it’s usually the HOTTEST month of the year
  2. summer is almost over, but you have no benefits of fall–i.e. cooler weather, football season, etc.
  3. school starts. those annoying “school zones” are up all over town, causing me to have to leave at least 5 minutes earlier for work every day. also contributes about 10% more bad drivers to the road, aka teenagers who have just gotten their licenses over the summer.
  4. any vacation can no longer be considered “summer vacation”. just doesn’t have the same fun ring to it.
  5. new season of tv shows doesn’t start until september, but you get all the teasers and crappy “season finale” episodes from may. not to mention the bad filler specials and season montages.
  6. all of the good summer sales at the mall are picked over, and the “transition to fall” clothes are in. which are no good, because who wants to wear a brown or gray sweatsuit/wool outfit when it is over 100 degrees outside? even when they go on sale later in the month no one wants fall transitional clothes in their closet.
  7. there are usually numerous hurricanes in august. further screwing up the beaches that i love.
  8. finally, brit’s second spawn of k-fed isn’t due until september…

that’s about all i’ll say about the bad month of august, but like it or not, here we are. so here’s hoping that lindslo will get fired from her movie, paris will get back together with then cheat on and break up with stavvie, and more boy band members will continue to jump out of the closet. that would make my month better.

seen in your city:

ok this is an old one but i promised i would include. sunday july 23, by AS and AH at the cumberland apt. downtown, in their own words…Vince Young (the new quarterback for the Titans) lives on the 17th floor of our building. Even better was that we caught him in the midst of the “walk of shame” – or rather the girl who had come home with him Saturday night – he took her to the elevator (wasn’t that nice of him?). Guess she had to find her own ride from there.

saturday july 29, saw eddie george, ex-titans player with 2 other current, nameless players at virago…

sunday, july 30, kudos to my TT SBD…she pointed out while we were dining, hungover, at jackson’s that one of their servers was dan from MTV’s road rules season #1. he does look a bit old now. salt and pepper hair. but still pretty cute.

i think this is just a ruse by paris to further kick lindslo while she’s down…she doesn’t REALLY love stavros.,26334,1220849,00.html

ok nashvillians…be on the lookout for tan boobs in a string bikini and a nasty redneck…oh wait that’s kid rock…they have completed round 1 of their tour of weddings, ETA in nashville TBD…

lance is clinging to his extra-credit 15 min of fame by now saying that he wants to break up with his lover for being “a big gay activist”…once people realize they still don’t give a sh*t about lance, then they will get back together…

i’m sure by now everyone has seen this warning letter to lindslo from friday…but i just love it. glad to know that the studio execs’ use the same dictionary the rest of us do: “exhaustion” = too much partying and staying up all night and sleeping around, “dehydration” = too much blow and booze, “asthma attack” = too much blow and booze.

looks like tori is grasping at the last 15 min of fame straw too…and trying to make some money at the same time now that she is in the “poorhouse”…

good luck to you all on getting through the searing month of august…

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