the bean on the scene 7/27

this just in…pam anderson and kid rock to get married in nashville!!!!! and malibu…detroit…south of france…WTF????? what may i ask do ANY of these cities have to do with either one of them? ok nashville yes…kid rock and the musik mafia or whatever…i expect to hear of some sightings in the next few days…maybe they’ll hang with keith and nicole at bread and company haha…,26334,1219576,00.html

thanks jada…thanks. but still no pictures to prove that little suri exists. for all you know, they could have had a rented baby to show you. i think the jury is still out on this one…,26334,1219552,00.html

of course they are all going to support lance…after all, in the words of my friend’s husband, “wasn’t n’sync a gay band”? they will all leave the closet at one point or another…,26334,1219632,00.html

so brit fires the pool boy…he says she’s mean. well isn’t the pool boy there to clean the pool? NOT to hang with lazy k-fed? i would probably fire him too if all he did all day was talk music with my dumba$$ leach of a husband…

wow…2 blog days in a row. summer is looking up!

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