the bean on the scene 7/26

again…it’s been a while. but up until today, there has not been anything blog-worthy except your run-of-the-mill drunken escapades by lindslo and paris…booorrriiinnnngggg summer i tell you.

lance, i knew it would happen someday. you were bound to kick that closet to the curb…leslie, i know you are devastated, but it’s time to move on!,26334,1219142,00.html

pooooorrrrr tori…only inherits not quite a million. bad financial situation my a$$…go get a real job like the rest of us…,26334,1219421,00.html
and here’s a great list BWE compiled for tori to survive on her measly inheritance…

“overheated and dehydrated” is the new phrase for “doing blow” or “hitting the crack pipe” apparently…nice lindslo…,26334,1219436,00.html

until tomorrow…or maybe a few weeks. maybe brit will give birth soon or baby suri will commence to exist…

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