the bean on the scene 6/29

seen in your city:
6/27 at the black crowes concert, kix brooks of brooks and dunn sitting in the row next to me
6/28 at corner pub, big kenny of big and rich by JF

it has been a long and boring summer so far. and not just by my standards. pop culture has apparently been laying low or hungover or something…there has not been much out there. so today’s post will have to contain info from the past few days to even make it slightly interesting. please, please, i beg of you, while you are on your summer vacations anywhere and everywhere, if you spot a celeb, 1) tell me about it and 2) tell them to make an ass of themselves or something. all for our benefit of course.

nice, tori/donna, nice. the man who makes you famous even though you are ugly dies, and all you can think about is how to make a buck off his death. you didn’t even go home after his stroke, so of course you didn’t get to say goodbye…

what is up with all these bathroom line fights between b-list celebs? first jeremy piven and steven dorff, now josh duhamel and tommy lee? WTF? i’m for josh…he’s hot.

note to self: next time i make a fake i.d., do not use a parent of shiloh, the most famous baby in the world, as my picture…

for all of you 90210 fans out there…here’s a “where are they now” in honor of the late great aaron spelling…

ick…for both sets of pics. brit is TOTALLY airbrushed here. yuck. i call it a draw between preg brit and slutty looking christina. oh to think that these two used to be innocent little mouseketeers…

thank the lord, it has arrived!!!!! i can think of more than just one person (me) who needs this phone!

i love it…lindslo a “clown whore”…also looks like she could be 45 not 20…

ok until tomorrow…maybe. or next week when i can compile enough stuff. BOORRRIIINNNGGG. here i am now, entertain me. ok gotta run…catching a sneak of the devil wears prada tonight, cannot WAIT!

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