the bean on the scene 6/19

seen in your city:
sat 6/17 in the hamptons by steph in the city: star jones and big gay hubby al reynolds
sun 6/18 at denver airport, on frontier flight, and at nashville airport: travis the bachelor by AH. counting the days till he moves…

ah, now this sheds some light onto brit’s WTF??? interview with matt. sad that without a stylist or publicist, brit IS truly herself…red trailer trash.

ok the ONE time i agree with paris…but then who wouldn’t?
Paris Hilton thinks that the cut-off jeans and low-cut top that pregnant Britney Spears wore when she was interviewed by Matt Lauer wasn’t the wisest wardrobe choice. The partying heiress, not known for modesty in her own dress, opines: “She should have worn a really cute maternity dress.”

i wonder how long it will take mischa to dump cisco and steal, let’s say, stavros…isn’t that lindslo’s guy now? just a little minor math here: 812 records at approx $15 each = $12,180. and that’s before any fees and split between however many band members. still better than i make in a month but probably not enough to keep cheeseburger cheeseburger around…

it’s “confirmed”…reese and ryan are having another baby…keep your eyes peeled at green hills mall…i used to see her there all the time either when preg or with newborn…guess that’s when she runs home to mommy and daddy…

brangelina just can’t be pleased…lil’ shilohlo is not even a month old and already they’re tired of her and want a new one…,19736,1205441,00.html

gotta go back to now.

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