the bean on the scene 6/16

seen in your city:
6/15 at cabana: titans player keith bullock by CWE. i too was there but was oblivious as usual.

well i was looking for the ridiculous report that brit wanted to have her baby in namibia to be like brangelina. i thought that had to be incorrect info b/c there is no way k-fed would leave his posse and vegas to go to a country where no one knew who he was. turns out, i was right…rumors are false…,19736,1205133,00.html

oh britney britney…once again, it’s hard to defend you sometimes…
“I still walk out of my house in rollers,”,19736,1204964,00.html

so i guess today’s blog is all about the spears’…how how how does k-fed continually get these opportunities for being such a deadbeat???????????,19736,1205061,00.html

be on the lookout nashvillians…keith and nicole are supposedly here once again. everyone flock to bread and co….,19884,1203580,00.html

what and where would brandon davis be if he was just an ordinary guy with no family money? my guess is an uneducated wal-mart stockboy.

perfect. i’ve been looking for a new job; now’s my chance…thanks bill!

hahaha another BWE father’s day card. i like this one better than k-fed’s…

wait, now wait…they want a second child? there’s still no proof that suri exists! and do they have enough money to buy another baby? i guess mi:3 was more successful than i thought…

so bored i can’t even finish looking up gossip. just want to go to sleep.

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