the bean on the scene 6/14

seen in your city:
anyone? no one in NYC lately steph????

ok SBTB lovers, unite to save screech’s house! hahahaha! WTF is he doing in wisconsin anyway? he must have hit rock bottom after zach and friends left him…thanks LAM for the head’s up!

T&A and i totally saw this guy do “yoga” on the golf course at TPC in jacksonville…he’s really cute too!,19884,1201344_1203645_5,00.html

jessica dating lindslo’s leftovers? i mean really…celebrities are worse at making the rounds than we were at my college of less than 1400…and that was pretty bad.,19736,1204092,00.html

and in a related story…paris acts like….well herself. wonder where brandon davis was this time?

i really do feel sorry for brit…sometimes. it’s when she does asinine stuff like changing her baby on the floor of a victoria’s secret that i just can’t support…she really is just so redneck…

and this is from yesterday, but apparently madonna is pissed at brit b/c brit refuses to wear the red kabbalah string. and refuses to study kabbalah. i guess madonna can’t stand it when people don’t worship her…

another slow news day in tinseltown…

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