the bean on the scene 6/12

zero celebs seen in any city lately…

nice brit…admitting what everyone already knows…this is a quote from her interview with matt lauer (hasn’t aired yet) re: driving w/SPF on her lap…
“I’d sit on his lap and I drive. We’re country.”,19736,1203030,00.html

matt who? oh yeah, i remember him…now has a baby to play with bennifer’s violet…,19736,1194422,00.html

brangelina has left the namibia, i repeat, brangelina has left the namibia…consider yourself informed. destination unknown, will report back as soon as information is made public…UGH. ok and if i were maddog and zajinski i would be pissed once again. their names were left off the headline…;_ylt=ArgocqDXtrnLfAXRrLS3FvBdDxkF;_ylu=X3oDMTBjMHVqMTQ4BHNlYwN5bnN1YmNhdA

must have been a slow weekend…nothing much out there. let me know if you stole a helicopter and headed to sydney over the weekend, i’d like to see pics from the keith/nicole nuptials! on the edge of my seat let me tell you….

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