the bean on the scene 6/6

ok so i had today’s post completely written and was about to send, when my computer totally shut down. apparently, it doesn’t like pics of the new messiah, or shiloh jolie-pitt. so, instead of pissing the computer off anymore today, i’ll just recap what i was about to send and try to remember the sites.

  • while people mag was supposedly the “winner” of the exclusive rights to the first shiloh pics, hello is the one that’s all over the internet with the new world leader herself. she’s wearing a punk rock t-shirt at a week old, and already maddog and zajinski are feeling the burn. they are nowhere to be seen. maybe they’ve hit the high road and are searching for SPF. check out BWE blog for the best pic and recaps.
  • nasty brandon davis’ grandmother and matriarch of the fam is making up rumors that he and lindslo are now dating. apparently she thinks this will “gloss-over” the incident of 2 weeks ago, and somehow save the now-tainted (hehe) family name. good luck to you grandma. i think enough people hate your greasy grandson to choose the lesser of 2 evils on this one. oh, also in the article is lindslo’s publicist saying that she is NOT dating brandon, she is currently seeing SEVERAL men overseas. i wonder if one of them is bryan adams???
  • donna martin makes fun of brenda in one of her eps of “so notorious”. brenda is furious. probably more furious though that she didn’t get her own show, no matter how terrible, and that she has completely fallen off the face of the earth.
  • and i know we nashvillians have been furiously booking our flights to sydney and planning on renting a copter to spy on keith and nicole’s wedding, but alas, we have been foiled…FOILED i say! damn that sneaky nicole. she has rented all the helicopters in the country apparently and is having her wedding at night, so photogs can’t get to her. also, she is sending out an emailed invite (an evite??? really nicole???) rather than paper invitations so that they don’t “get in the wrong hands”. because email is totally safe and NEVER gets in the wrong hands. check out msn’s the scoop for that one.

ok that’s about all i can remember, or have time for. damn this shifty computer.

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