the bean on the scene 6/5

seen in your city:
ok well not seen, but heard she was here: 6/2, LC from “the hills” (previously on laguna beach) was allegedly here in nashville, hanging out with a friend of a friend of mine…again, unconfirmed but from a good source…
6/3 jean claude van damme looking gross and greasy in new orleans outside a strip club…by friend of LH…

pitt and jolie to sell baby… no, lil’ shiloh isn’t up for grabs. but at least they are going to donate the money.

aliens now on the nascar circuit…although i think they’ll be highly disappointed when they realize that ufo’s are not allowed on the tracks. wonder if tom’s been forcing them to watch days of thunder???

well i wish brit would just stop talking about it and sign the FINAL papers. and the manny looks like your everyday frat boy with his knocked-up girlfriend. maybe she stole him from LSU.

poor poor lindslo…forced to sit with paris since the club only had a tiny VIP section. i hate when that happens…

suri’s programming is apparently underway. crazytom already has her doing flashcards…she and SPF need to quickly put together an escape plan. maybe the jolie-pitts will adopt them in namibia??? even that would be better than being brought up by aliens or trailer trash…

gross. david spade looks like someone who frequents nashville shores or a redneck wave pool.

happy monday everyone…

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