the bean on the scene 6/2

seen in your city:
Cinnamon Idles (yeah, WHO?) at acorn…she was the little sister, sara baker, on sixteen candles. we only knew this b/c the bartender clued us in. she works as a hostess or something at acorn. guess her movie role took her far!

matthew and penelope separating, but remain good friends…BECAUSE HE’S GAY.,19736,1200409,00.html

all i can hope is that anna nicole gives her child a normal name…b/c child has already been screwed out of a normal life.,19736,1199790,00.html

i need to find this shopping hypnotist. although i highly doubt lindslo is using her…

idol fan to mom: “dammit do NOT say that katherine mcphee will be successful or i’ll clock you in the head with an odd bicycle chain weapon thingy”…

no sex for urban…guess he’ll need a 2006 v-card too haha.

ok gotta go eat some ice cream cake now…

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