the bean on the scene 5/31

seen in your city:
5/30 at mafioza’s, will hoge by claire
5/30 at radius 10, ashley and wynonna judd by friend of kerry

looks like nick isn’t running back to jess after all…,19736,1199443,00.html

take note steph in the city…here are the best places to have sex in NYC bathroom stalls. someone really has too much time on their hands. not unlike myself.

another nail in the coffin for k-fed…with any luck. also i must comment…he was only paid $300,000 to record and album and tour? i mean, i would like $300,000 and all but that seems like peanuts compared to what most, even z-list singers get. ha!

gross. if this is true, which who knows if it is, then denise is really quite a backstabbing bitch. and why would she want to marry that old fat greasy guy anyway, except to spite heather? they all need to grow up.

omg…k-fed looks alarmingly like…an annoying yuppie. but 100% better. i almost didn’t believe it was him. now for some quotes…
“My kids are going to work at Taco Bell, dammit.” and once again SPF tries to jump to his death. i’m guessing this time from his crib.
“The day they judge me as an artist, a CEO, as somebody, not Britney Spears’ husband, that’s the day I am looking forward to.” a CEO???? really???? of what, the unemployed and homeless coattail-riders club of america?

brit has hired herself a “manny”. wouldn’t it be funny if she did fall in love with him? or just sad. he’s probably a member of the above-mentioned coattail-riders club too. she needs to see right through his charade…

hahahahaha i’m laughing out loud. ok now some may consider this sacreligous, but i think it’s pretty darn funny anyway. thanks BWE for being a hoot!

ok now this is funny too. if herpes is the reason why angelina and jennifer had c-sections, then it is only proof that katie did NOT actually give birth and tom is not in any danger of getting the herps himself. from a girl anyway.

this again from BWE…i had to paste their commentary on this one, too funny. i haven’t tried to open the video yet…
TMZ has video of Paris Hilton singing a cover or Rod Stewart’s hit “Do Ya Think I’m Sexy?” at a recent Madonna after-party. Um no, Paris, I don’t think you’re sexy. I think you look like a drunk sorority girl on spring break, stumbling around a karoake bar singing off-key versions of songs nobody likes anymore while being completely ignored. Good luck with the album.”

at LAST!!!! goodbye katie! and good riddance. and note to self…no longer watch cbs. or whereever she’s going.

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