the bean on the scene 5/30

seen in your city:

shiloh is here!!!!! now the world can rest. is it just me, or does the “clinic” look oddly like a set on universal studios property? so they’ve been in “namibia”, i understand…hmmmm…,19736,1184497,00.html

or is jude just doing the walk, or run, of shame in his boxer shorts??? and WTF is “free running”? sounds like something a celebrity made up to me.,19884,1197025_10,00.html

reese preg again? well, i guess someone had to take over the “babywatch” since brangelina has spawned…

see. once again, lindslo can’t find her own man. she has to take leftovers again, this time kate moss’. yeah, he’ll be clean. and no at least it’s not pete doherty. go on over to london, but please take skanky paris with you.

ugh. seems sienna and jude are following in the indecisive footsteps of jared the subway guy and skeletor. back on for today. we’ll see about tomorrow. he may have found another nanny by then…,19736,1198787,00.html

hahahahaahahahahohohohhehehehehehehe!!!! this just cracks me up. here’s what Silkworm Nooboo Pitt-Jolie (name according to BWE hahaha) will look like in a few months, according to some photoshope expert. and check out the picture below that. that homeless man is funny.

ohhh hhahahaha and here’s another one. silkworm as the second messiah…

wow–brit finally did it–k-fed has been banned to……the basement. come ON brit. just kick him out, change the locks, and cut off his allowance. the basement is probably a better place for him to smoke weed and do hookers anyway. you’re just asking for it now.

wait…there was another celeb baby born this weekend? leave it to brangelina to ruin it for everyone. selfish bastards. go gwen! sad that it wasn’t a hollaback girl though.

here’s hoping that this summer won’t be a pop culture snoozer. because it sure is starting out that way. i wish lindslo would hook up with, let’s say, chicken little from american idol. now that would be entertainment.

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