the bean on the scene 5/26

seen in your city:
anyone have anything?

hmmmm….because…the first movie did so well? jessica would do well staying OUT of this one!,19736,1198278,00.html

GROSS. what do denise or heather see in him? he’s a member of the old washed-up rocker crew. wonder where her kids are?,19884,1197016,00.html

speaking of old and washed-up…hulk let me tell you fanny packs take away from your intimidation factor…,19884,1197016_11,00.html

yeah, i really doubt that brandon wrote this himself. i guess his publicist is sorry…

this just in…for the 69th time…if brit knew what was good for her this would be the last time.,,2-2006240317,00.html

ok gotta run…must get a pedicure now.

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