the bean on the scene 5/24

seen in your city:
i thought i saw an old-looking kirk cameron walking down church street today. but i don’t know what mike seaver would be doing here…

does anyone else find it odd that a washed-up ex-rocker and a 50-something fashion designer even know each other, much less want to beat each other to a pulp?

“wind beneath my wings”? seriously? come on nicole and keith, that song is so, like, middle school…

jared the subway guy and skeletor are off, for today. will report back tomorrow after they decide they love each other again.,19736,1195824,00.html

is katie finally coming out of the fog? let’s hope so.

“I am thinking of spending a month in London, living there and taking a course in acting.” says mischa…thank goodness. although, don’t you think that the acting course would have been most beneficial before the major role in a tv show??? b/c now that she’s destined to do lifetime movies and afterschool specials, i don’t think she’ll really need it. on a sidenote, maybe she’ll eat something while she’s over there too.

god help these celebutard’s kids…cherrie pie can hang out with apple and bluebell i guess.

if namibia creates a “brangelina day” then i swear i think i’ll just pass out from frustration. this is utterly ridiculous. thanks annie for the heads-up yesterday!;_ylt=AiweyUN6zXtdkVWPtPlxIG1xFb8C;_ylu=X3oDMTA5aHJvMDdwBHNlYwN5bmNhdA

and in other asinine brangelina news…from the daily dish…
“Meanwhile, Namibian regional governor Samuel Nuuyoma is claiming that the couple has given him the right to name their baby.”
WTF??? that kid’s name is going to be something like swanahehaw…well, i guess that’s better than anything brangelina would come up with. and better than cherrie pie.

this is funny…an “interview” of the girl that told off brandon davis: by BWE. that guy is so fat, sweaty and gross.

it’s turning out to be another slow news week. firecrotch needs to do something drastic.

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