the bean on the scene 5/22

seen in your city:
i’ve been at the beach…and no not south beach…so unless you count local high school “celebs” as stars, then i haven’t seen any!
report from LAM’s work friend though…nashvillians, be on the lookout for gay ice skater scott hamilton…apparently he just moved to nashville. why? who knows. who cares. that’s your random fact for the day.

ok there may be some old news on here, but i’ve been in a bubble for the past 5 days…

and they’re off…again. jared the subway guy and skeletor, that is…apparently b/c she’s too skinny. mischa needs to share some of her cheeseburgers…
or they’re on again. guess it just depends which website you want to read.

i didn’t think david and heather were actually dating…outside of david’s dreams, that is…

i must say, i’m on team lindslo on this one. as much as i hate it. i swear, aren’t there any new guys out there for them to bang? it seems like all the cokehead girls just trade around the same few greek losers…

i have not watched the final ep of the OC yet…well, let’s face it…i haven’t watched the last, oh, 10 episodes. last i saw that johnny surfer guy was about to fall off a cliff…anyway, guess cheeseburger cheeseburger bit it too, as predicted. i do love how they compare her departure to shannon doherty leaving 90210…it so is just like that!

i like my drinks too…but i would hope that, between dropping my baby or my drink, i would chose to let go of the drink. thank goodness for creepy mustached bodyguard though…unless SPF was once again trying to jump to his death (i.e. high chair incident) to rid himself of his nasty redneck “parents”…

angelina is so selfish. what is her deal with africa anyway? zahara and SPF need to pair up and get the heck out of dodge.

apparently, brangelina is about to pop. good news for zahara who is about to keel over. maybe they’ll admit her to the hospital while they’re there.

this sounds so much like stepford wives, it’s not even really a joke anymore. just creepy! apparently katie hasn’t been fully programmed yet…

let me know if i’ve left anything out. except for the paris/brandon/lindslo thing, seems like it was another slow news week last week…booooorrrrrriiinnnngggg…..

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