the bean on the scene 5/17

ugh. have been out sick. not fun! so this may be short and sweet, since i also have to drive 7 hours today, not feeling well, to watch my LITTLE sister get married before i do. but i have no issues with this…haha!

seen in your city:
5/13 at steeplechase: mj garrett from mtv’s the real world (can’t remember which season) looking like an ultra thug, also tj lavin, host of mtv’s the gauntlet. i think he was with mj.

well guess we WILL be seeing keith and nicole out and about in nashville more often…,19736,1194712,00.html

steph in the city, have you seen this man? GROSS. it’s axl rose. looks more like a train wreck. guess he’s living in NYC now.

if matt follows these rules, paris will dump him in a new york minute…from the scoop…
Paris Hilton’s new sweetie has been warned to do something that might be difficult: stay out of the spotlight. New Arizona Cardinal quarterback and former USC star Matt Leinart was warned by his team that if he’s serious about football, he shouldn’t be photographed out late at night dancing and drinking with his partying heiress girlfriend, according to the Star. “Matt took it very seriously,” a source told the tab, “almost to the point of tears.”

sounds like katie could use some of brooke’s meds.

this will have to do for today…not much news out there, plus i’m about to get in a car and listen to a terrible book on tape for 7 hours. wish me luck.

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