the bean on the scene 5/11

seen in your city:
5/10, by “anonymous” tanner at the tanning bed…mj garrett from the real world. apparently he was singing “bad day” in a really high voice. strike # 68 and 69 against him (tanning bed being #68).
5/10, by LAM co-worker–keith urban, sans nicole, at mercy lounge

yeah yeah this is SO last month’s news but as of yesterday it’s official–k-fed is spawning again via britney…heaven help us all.,19736,1171195,00.html

LAM–it was QVC, not shop at home that paula was #1 jewelry seller…apparently…,19884,1192373_10,00.html

ok–is it me, or does:
1) nicole richie look like a saturday night live “sprocket”
2) mischa look fat next to nicole?,19884,1192373_13,00.html

lindslo? partying late-night? shocking. i do wish i could’ve seen the interview though!

slow news week…anyone have anything else?

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