the bean on the scene 5/8

seen in your city:
5/5 titan’s QB steve mcnair hanging out at layla rul
5/6 katie cook (CMT personality) on stage with the best band of all time, guilty pleasures. she sang “he’s so shy” which was AWESOME.

how was nicole shocked when tom filed for divorce after 10 years? wasn’t that the end of their contract? the aliens must have brainwashed her…,19736,1192158,00.html

ok SBTB fans…who knows what part zach morris wife lisa played on the show? had to have been the college years. they’ve got another kid.,19736,1191724,00.html

could brit really be coming to her senses? i say k-fed ditches her in t-minus 10, 9, 8…

if it looks like a duck and walks like a duck…come on jess. stop kidding yourself. you are a whore…

i guess paris isn’t looking to make more sex tapes anytime soon…

awwww poor chad michael. couldn’t go to prom. guess that’s what you get for being 24 dating a high-schooler…

wow. nikki looks like a drag queen. and her boy toy is short…

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