the bean on the scene 5/4

seen in your city:

thanks people, for setting the record straight on brangelina. what would we do without your “connections”? connection most likely being an african tribal medicine man that ang and brad have confided in…,19736,1190561,00.html

there’s always a nashville connection…

taylor busted for pot…a gazillion years ago. big whoop.

well, i guess in touch figured they have a 50/50 chance, why not go with: GIRL!!!! i’m sure k-fed is just thrilled, as he seems to be so involved with his other 50 children…

lindslo needs to stop burning her bridges…she’s a little young to be so high and mighty…

paris and leinart “secretly” dating…which is why every gossip mag and site are reporting it.

and this was reported last week, but looks like even cheeseburger cheeseburger may not know if she’ll be back in the OC. she claims to want to leave the show so that she may pursue a killer movie career i.e. tori spelling, shannon doherty, etc.

stray kitty will be so freakin’ jealous when i tell him about this, but…lewis the crazy cat–you remember him, the one in CT with a restraining order against him for attacking the avon lady–has his own myspace page. apparently, people have hit men out to kill him or something…

and in “k-fed continues to be an ass” news…jessica alba, now is the time to be scared. and britney, if you haven’t left him yet, then you deserve what you get.
well, she did hire a k-fed “babysitter”.

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