the bean on the scene 5/3

seen in your city:
5/2 at the nashville airport by sarah: johnny van zant and another member of lynard skynard…
5/3 shopping at green hills mall, by lynn and anna: faith hill

steph be on the lookout for aliens in the city today…
Cruise will continue promoting his new movie on Wednesday by zipping through Manhattan via fire engine, speedboat, helicopter, sports car and subway to do interviews and attend the film’s New York premiere.
hahaha here’s his “itinerary” provided by BWE…

i just can’t get over how much matt l. looks like a skinny bob the bachelor guiney…,19884,1189959_4,00.html

they must be chatting about their dealers. are you KIDDING me? courtney love, paris, and also nikki hilton at “sober day USA” party? now that’s f-ed up…,19884,1189959_11,00.html

now this i’d love to see…steph go visit david in the bubble and report back!

looks like lindslo is snatching up paris’ leftovers…

jen and vin do chicago!

denise is turning out to be crazier than i imagined…why would she give an “exclusive” interview to on online gossip site? makes me side with charlie and heather.

for all you SBTB fans out there…this is a hoot! of course, speed is no laughing matter…until jessie starts singing “i’m so excited” hahahahohohhehehe! i actually saw that ep the other day…

i’d marry and divorce tom for an extra $25 mil…i mean, she’s performed well so far why not?
and just to recap her previous contract…seems like she played her cards right by buying i mean having little suri after all!

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