the bean on the scene 5/2

seen in your city:
steph help us out here. anyone else locked out of their trailers lately?

ok i’m confused…didn’t paris and stav break up a while back? anyway, what i find more interesting is the paris-matt leinart connection. that would so piss off kristin from LB.,19736,1189917,00.html

big misses for charlize, SJP, and sienna, among others, but i do love looking at dresses! and i have to admit i love lindslo’s choice. she obviously had help dressing herself for the gala.

this one is for you LAM. set the dvr, dynasty reunion is tonight!

WTF????? i think it is less weird when we thought he was injecting her with heroin. drawing blood to paint pictures…..ew.

“I’m always doing push-ups. My friends can vouch for me because they said I had really skinny arms.” says lindslo…
or, it just means you’re a crack whore. and how many more times is she going to “fall down the stairs”? i bet she had her ass kicked by that model who dates brett ratner or whoever. see yesterday’s blog for that story.,1,2642080.story?coll=chi-newsnationworld-hed&ctrack=1&cset=true

guess we may not see keith and nicole around town anymore?

um…yikes. i would kick tom’s ass if i were katie. she had yes-suri what, like a whole week ago? and he already has her in the gym. well, that also proves that all she has to do to lose weight is take out the pillow.

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