the bean on the scene 4/28

seen in your city:
4/26 pacey witter, aka joshua jackson, at film festival and after party–crissy got her pic with him! and yes he’s still hot.

uh….what? rosie doesn’t seem like she would really fit in with the rest of the view gang…,19736,1188555,00.html

berg broke this news to us the other day. ick. proud to be a tennessean. ick ick ick ick ick ick…,19736,1188867,00.html

ouch. denise, looks like you’ve lost a lot of friends. hope richie is worth it! maybe you should go to the mall to get a big photo button…oh wait, you’ve already done that.

more on denise. sounds like she is a class-A bitch. and the second item is just a hoot. tom cruise being mocked by a drag queen–HA!!!

this is just gross and disturbing. so the logical thing to do is, when you see someone injecting a passed-out girl with heroin, you stand back and take pictures then sell them to the tabloids…,,2-2006190560,00.html

kathy hilton introduced k-fed??? why am i not suprised by that? possibly because they are both coat-tail riders…

GROSS. thanks for sending, LAM! and stop being so controlling tom!
SAY WHAT?! “Katie is a young girl’s name. Her name is Kate now; she’s a child-bearing woman.”–Tom Cruise, explaining his reasons for renaming his fiancée to reporters at the London premiere of Mission: Impossible III.

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