the bean on the scene 4/24 – 4/26

ok NOW i’m back in the swing of things. let’s hope. once again, my job really cramps my style.

seen in your city:
sat 4/22: DW once again had a great sighting–kiefer sutherland at watermark! he’s here for the film festival…
i can’t remember any others if they’ve been turned in…let me know if i’ve forgotten any! OH–pacey, i.e. joshua jackson, is in town tonight and apparently was here last night, also for the film festival. who wants to go out stalking???!!! steph and al, wish y’all were here!!!!

since i’m playing catch-up here, i’m sorry if this is all widely known information! but i’ll start with this:

denise and richie? REALLY? yuck! 3 things i find interesting in this article:
1)richie is inexplicably wearing a girly straw cowboy hat, a big photo button that you get from those mall booths, and a sling…
2)denise has accused charlie of threatening to kill her and looking at kiddie porn
3)denise and heather locklear are good friends…so wouldn’t that make richie off-limits, according to the unofficial girly rulebook?,19736,1186662,00.html
UPDATE: well, this sheds some light on #3…

ghosts, schmosts…it’s probably just the aliens milling about in this brave new world they’ve discovered…

with the births of lil’ moses, suri, and grier, and only one impending babywatch out there with brangelina, the brit/k-fed rumors were sure to start up again. and here we go. really everyone, i think she’s just enjoying her twinkies and cheetos.
hahaha i love pink is the new blog. their picture captions are priceless!

now just hold on nick…us weekly is a top-notch mag. it’s right up there with star and entertainment weekly. it’s where i go to get all of my contradicting, half-true info!

now i could be the only person in america that doesn’t watch lost, so maybe that’s it…but really, i don’t think i would identify and accost this michelle person if she were in an orange jumpsuit cleaning up trash on the side of the road….

“…Britney is learning the hard way that being a good mother is something you always have to work at.”
and being a good mother means firing the nanny, the only “real” mother lil’ SPF has known, and hiring a doctor to give her advice. advice such as this:
“The doctor advised her not to leave Preston on any high surfaces where he could roll off…Spears was so impressed with the sage advice that she wanted to hire the doctor full time”
now THAT is advice that you can only get from a trained professional. common sense just doesn’t tell you that sort of thing.

sienna is apparently a glutton for punishment…

why god why? it was all in place…the light in the pool, drunk paris, even stavie…and both came out alive? and went on to pole dance? there is no justice.

let me know if i’ve missed anything while i’ve been under the work rock.

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