the bean on the scene 4/20

seen in your city:
__________ and ________ eating at _________…seriously i need to get out more.

it’s 4/20!!!! hahaha. i know, i can’t grow up for some reason. i still find it funny. just like eating weiners then going to sneaky pete’s…

lil’ moses looks like he just had a bad shot of whiskey. or else he’s going through some alcohol withdrawals since he hasn’t had a direct line to gwennie’s bloodstream…,19884,1184564,00.html

what’s up with bo bice thinking he’s the shit? maybe he hasn’t quite gotten over his cocaine “addiction”…

now this is interesting and something i didn’t expect…but please nick, stay far far away from porn producer dad joe…

the thing i like most about this story is the picture…tom is obviously standing on a bucket or something–he’s like 2 feet taller than her hahaha! but good for katie on getting that epidural. wonder if she used the pacifier?

hahahahahahohohohohheheheheheehe this just makes me laugh. the comments especially!

i bet they’re already driving lil’ suri to scientologist meetings…

she’s only 2 days old and already has a myspace page, created i’m sure by some crazed fan / scientologist. i still refuse to get one, b/c i know i’d be totally addicted, but for those of you who are in check it out and report back to me!

new site…well, sort of. i love overheard in new york…but the “editor” got “let go”, so he started his own “new site”–new york overheard. check out the vast differences below…

alert alert!!!! today is national high five day!!!!! don’t forget to high-five everyone you meet!!! rych i can really see you enjoying this…

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