the bean on the scene 4/19

seen in your city:
i haven’t been out in weeks. well, that’s not true but it feels like it.

i’m so sick of hearing about the whole britney/SPF/nanny/high chair issue, i skipped over the first part of the article. but the second section about charlie sheen on a dating site is more interesting…why consider poor-man’s eharmony when you can go to millionairematch? must remember to check this out…

survey time!!!
the lucy war: lindslo or jess? i don’t know if i see either of them in that role. die-hard dallas fans, what do you think? i did like the catfight story though. lindslo was probably high and jess, well, just dumb.

oh puh-lease. she’s just jealous that tomkat and brangelina have gotten so much publicity for being preg. i used to like madonna and all, you know the material girl days, but now she’s just gone over the edge.

taken off the black market by alien-crazed celebs: check
fed a diet of barley water and corn syrup: check
will attend scientology classes for hours a day: check
wow, suri sure has a great life ahead of her…

poor k-fed…forced into a “music” career…he has no other choice in life. and, i guess as long as you don’t get married, you can have as many kids as you want but they don’t matter. but once you tie the knot, you’re stuck.

are there any o.c. fans left out there? if so, here are some rumors…berg i suspect you’ll be back on the o.c. bandwagon (did you ever jump off?) when young kaitlin returns…

and are there any more desperate housewives fans out there? if so this one is for you…can’t wait for the promising movie careers of eva and mischa…

so the babywatch torch has been passed to brangelina…their spawn projected to be born in a few weeks in some unknown third world country. will wait to hear from nameless, faceless aid worker to break the news.

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