the bean on the scene 4/17 – 4/18 baby edition

seen in your city:
4/15 in ATL, DW got to meet talan from laguna beach hahaha! she said he was kind of a snobby jerk…

i think this is from the other day, but ditto…hasn’t she been preg for like 10 months at least?
TomKat’s still impending TomKitten prompts Us Weekly to do a photo spread that features the incredible fluctuations of Katie Holmes’ birth bump. Sometimes, it looks huge one day and is barely there two days later. The mag’s experts are quick to point out (repeatedly) that sometimes a woman’s weight can shift swiftly during pregnancy–though one Beverly Hills fertility specialist suggests Holmes might be padding her stomach to “mask her due date.” No one’s suggesting, of course, that it’s all an act–don’t jump on any couches yet.
UPDATE: the pillow has been removed!!! baby alien i mean girl, suri, born 4/18…suri apparently means in klingon, “stolen black market baby to cover up a fake pregnancy”. haven’t heard yet if he ate the placenta (see story below yes this is all out of order).,19736,1170244,00.html

and in other, not-so-scandalous baby news, brooke had baby girl grier 4/18 too…oh the irony. maybe brooke can help katie with her post-partum depression. and show tom a thing or two…,19736,1174449,00.html

these two just don’t look right together…a homeless woman and a milk delivery man…haha!,19884,1182444_10,00.html

it’s the aliens…they skewed the results…

i bet dina was trailing behind lindslo, making out with her leftovers…

OH. MY. GOSH. this is absolutely disgusting. i thought tom was weird before, but now i seriously think he needs to be taken into custody…here’s a quote from the article, in case you can’t open it.
The 43 year-old star told America’s GQ magazine: “I’m going to eat the placenta. I thought that would be good. Very nutritious. I’m going to eat the cord and the placenta right there.”

oprah’s not footing the bill…

ah, quotes from k-fed. he’s such an intelligent pimp.
“A real pimp is a dude who’s making money off bitches who sling that ass on the street.”
“I’m not no pimp. I’m just Kevin. Happy husband. Happy father. I didn’t pimp Britney. I found love”.

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