the bean on the scene 4/7 – 4/11

ok. let’s play catch-up. between the weather and quarter-end, i can’t seem to focus on the important stuff. you know, gossip and pop culture.

seen in your city:
tornadoes, hail, the tin man, auntie em…and a few others…
4/7 peyton manning at cabana, in a cabana…
4/8 at pancake pantry, kevin costner…filming a movie here apparently?
4/11 lunching at the tin roof, sarah from the bachelor…yeah yeah old news but still…

so…moses and apple. i really thought gwennie would stick with the fruit or veggie theme. although i guess you could go with biblical.,19736,1175007,00.html

guessing game. the last one–dina lohan. obviously. she’s so sleeping with lindslo’s leftovers.

“…is a local high school student…” ok now i know she’s reported to be 18 and legal (and pregnant), but that’s still just WRONG.,19884,1180159,00.html

they are always coming out of coffee houses, be it in nashville or any other city…lam you and i would NEVER run into them!,19884,1180159_8,00.html

this is no special outfit for paris…just a night out on the town…,19884,1180159_12,00.html

does anyone else think that cisco resembles the cowardly lion from wizard of oz? and cheeseburger cheeseburger looks like a deer in the headlights…

is nick hanging out with cacee again?

ok ok this is gotten HIGHLY out of hand. i mean, if katie can’t make a sound during the birth (which has to be absolutely impossible i can only imagine) then what is the point of not talking to the baby for a week? the kid hasn’t heard anything anyway, except for the chanting of the cult and the voice of satan himself…seems like hearing katie’s sweet voice would only be a good thing.

and finally in other news, i can’t seem to pull up the actualy story, but little SPF “fell” (i say he jumped on purpose to escape k-fed) out of his high chair and fractured his skull. apparently child services paid the trailer park i mean britney and k-fed’s house a visit afterwards…guess baby is ok.

slow news day(s)…anyone have any other gossip? by next week i should be back on track and out of spreadsheet hell. i hope.

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